“I have consulted internists, dermatologists, urologists, psychiatrists, and a neurologist regarding the unexplained sensations and associated pains, but no specialist in any of these fields has found any pathology. I believe that I require soul retrieval and an entity extraction.”

So read the email I received, one of many sent by people from all walks of life and professions who have tried conventional medicine without success. Why is it that Western medicine doesn’t have the answers and proper treatments for these people? How is it happening that they are “miraculously” healed by practitioners who are trained to use ancient shamanic healing tools? Something must be fatally wrong in the approach we take to health care in our society. The man who wrote me that email received his answers and was healed in a session. How?

Another client wrote, “I don’t know why I came to see you in the first place. Maybe I was desperate. I tried lawyers, counselors, and the “normal” ways. But nothing happened. After each of our sessions something strange happened. After the first one I found pennies everywhere even in places I could not imagine. After the second session I found dimes everywhere, and after the third I found feathers everywhere. Isn’t it strange? I think there is magic in what you do. Or maybe my awareness became wider and larger? Yes, I feel so different.’

Yes, you could say there is “magic” in traditional shamanic healing. But it only seems like magic in Western society, with its emphasis on rational thinking, scientific proofs, and materialistic consumerism, as we learn to dismiss the metaphysical energy world.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, shamanic healing or shamanism is not a spiritual practice in itself. It is a very results-oriented system that uses many tools to induce positive changes in a person’s life. One of the tools used is working directly with spirits. And believe me, if a shaman sees that one tool he uses won’t do the job, he will exchange it in favor of one that does. A shaman’s reputation solely depends on the actual results of his healing work.

Maybe the difference between [Western medicine and shamanic healing] can be described in this way: like a gardener, Western medicine attempts to clear the weeds from the garden by spraying chemicals or nipping the leaves and stems above the surface. The shamanic healer, by contrast, searches for the emotional and spiritual roots of the illness and pulls them out from the ground.

Poor health, disease, dysfunction, and depression are signs that the client is out of alignment. That explains the experience of many clients of mine who report, after shamanic ceremonial healing sessions, unexpected positive results, such as better, more restful sleep, clearer thinking, feeling more grounded, and  improved digestion. They also report being able to stop smoking, find they no longer get migraine headaches, and so much more. 

Excerpt from Shamanic Healing: Traditional Medicine for the Modern World by Itzhak Beery (Destiny Books, 2017). 

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