There’s an old saying that you’re only as good as the company you keep. Here at The Open Center, we couldn’t agree more.

By The Open Center

That’s why, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to acknowledge our deep gratitude for the ongoing dedication and support of our faculty.

For over 37 years, our faculty has been the heartbeat of our organization, sharing their expertise as innovative scholars and educators, groundbreaking thinkers, cutting edge researchers, spiritual healers and practitioners, truth seekers and wisdom keepers.

From Green Medicine to guided meditations, our faculty has upheld our mission by providing access to both the ancient wisdom traditions and new and cutting edge programs that bring a holistic, ecological and spiritual worldview into the contemporary world.

It is with great appreciation that we humbly say we wouldn’t be here today without our faculty.

Thank you!

Join us for a program today with one of our esteemed faculty members:

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