“Transgender and non-binary people face significant cultural, legal and economic challenges, but continue to bravely share their stories, boldly claim their seats at the table and tirelessly push equality forward. The transgender and non-binary community’s pride, power and resilience should be a lesson to us all. As advocates, we must commit to learning together and building a world where every person can truly thrive.”
Human Rights Campaign President, Alphonso David

By The Open Center

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), an annual event celebrating the accomplishments and resilience of transgender and gender non-conforming people while raising awareness about the discrimination and violence they face and the work that still needs to be done to achieve transgender justice.

With more visibility comes more understanding. But it’s also important to take action. Right now, more and more states are proposing (and passing) anti-transgender legislation that affects transgender women and youth, their participation in sports and access to healthcare. Legislation like this sends a very strong message that transgender people are not welcome. This is not ok.

Here at The Open Center, we take a firm stance against discrimination and violence of any kind. As an urban center in the heart of New York City, we embrace the diversity of our community with love, acceptance and respect. Today and everyday, we will continue to listen, learn and educate ourselves so that we can support our transgender brothers and sisters.

If you would like to learn more about the proposed anti-transgender bills and ways to take action, please check out:
Legislation affecting trans rights across the country

Take Action against anti-trans legislation courtesy of Raquel Willis

And be sure to check out these transgender-owned businesses. These entrepreneurial businesses have turned their back on workplace discrimination for the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Let’s show them our support.

Founded by Ilya, a Black non binary trans masculine person, Decolonizing Fitness provides affirming fitness services, community education and apparel to individuals who have historically not felt welcomed in fitness spaces.

Wolf Medicine, founded by gender-fluid Brooklynite, Regina, provides a community of healing and support for all humans through breathwork tarot, astrology and Ayurvedic wellness.
Website | IG

Shaniece Powell and Christian Lovehall are Black, Trans fruit-enthusiasts who created FrootFly to provide an organically-grown, high quality, fresh tropical fruit distribution resource for Black Trans individuals, BIPOC, Youth & Elders, individuals with Health Immune Deficiencies and those most marginalized.
Website | IG

We L.I.T. (We Live in Truth) is a Black, trans, non-binary-owned candle company that focuses on the emotional, mental and spiritual well-beling of the Black trans and nonbinary community, one candle at a time.

Art Twink, is a qtpoc (queer and trans person of color) who creates connection, community and comfort through art.
Website | IG

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