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Experience outstanding holistic programs, body, mind and spirit, from anywhere in the world with Open Center Online Learning webinars. Check out below our season of compelling live webinars with outstanding presenters. A computer and a broadband connection are all you need anywhere on the planet to enjoy this relaxing, intimate and engaging approach to holistic learning from your home, office, or vacation site.

By registering, for each webinar event you will receive the following:

  • 90 minutes of live, interactive webinar content.
  • 30 minutes of question-and-answer time with the teacher.
  • 30-day access to download a recording of the complete webinar, after the event. (Free software provided to view.)

Computer System Requirements

If you can watch YouTube videos, you can attend this webinar online. You must have a computer with a web browser and a broadband connection of 320 mb/sec upload speed or higher. To engage in the question-and-answer period, your computer must have sound capabilities (microphone and speakers or headset).
System Requirements: Windows XP (PC) or Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, and browsers version Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3, Safari 4, and Chrome 11 or higher. A free download of software is required to participate in webinars; installation is automated at the start of the webinar, when you log in. LOGON INFORMATION WILL BE EMAILED TO REGISTERED STUDENT 1 DAY PRIOR TO THE EVENT.
Chinese Health Secrets: Healing Ways to Protect Against Colds and Improve Digestion

Drew DiVittorio, Dipl (NCCAOM)

Join one of the Open Center’s most popular speaker on nutrition and herbalism for an webinar introduction to two vitally important topics of Oriental medicine.

The Metal Element: Building The Jade Wind Screen/Colds and Flu
According to Chinese Medicine, the lungs are the roots of our Qi (life force energy). When in harmony, the lungs control our exterior immune function protecting us from colds, flu and other environmental toxins. In this webinar we will discuss the disharmonies, including skin conditions, allergies, infection, and asthma, and herbs, food cures, and exercises to heal the lungs.
(1 session) Saturday, April 5, 1–3pm ET
$40 (No Member Discount)

The Earth Element: Digestive Health
How we digest our food and assimilate key nutrients plays a large role in determining our energy levels and overall health. In Oriental medicine, the spleen plays a central role in digestive function. Discover effective approaches for such symptoms as poor absorption, candida, parasites, acid reflux, bowel difficulties and food sensitivities.
(1 session) Saturday, April 19, 1–3pm ET
$40 (No Member Discount)

(2 session) Saturdays, April 5 & 19, 1–3pm ET
14WHH36ZW • $75 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $60 by March 22
The Mindful Body- New Ways to Release Stress to Feel More Relaxed, Vital and Strong

Jean McClelland, MMus, M.AmSAT

Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life, but continual stress that stays stored in our body may result in backaches, headaches, stiff necks, indigestion, anxiety and fatigue. When we learn to work with stress constructively—and with awareness—our bodies and minds will thank us and our aches and pains will disappear. Long time New York Open Center faculty member and Alexander Technique teacher Jean McClelland will help you recognize the ways in which you contribute to your own physical stress and will give you new ways of working with your mind, body and breathing to release tension and feel more relaxed, vital and strong.

(2 sessions) Sundays, April 13 & 27, 1–3pm ET
$75 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $60 by March 30
Real Happiness in the Workplace

Sharon Salzberg

Today, one of the world’s leading mindfulness teachers and authors will show us how our intrinsic ability to be responsible for our own happiness and inner calm applies to even the most stressful workplace environment. In this highly interactive webinar Sharon will guide us through three core meditations on motivation, awareness, and seeing the good in others; a series of short “stealth” meditations, the kind that are quick, private, and doable anywhere; and two key exercises: Moving From Me to We and When Things Go Wrong.

(1 session) Sunday, April 20, 1–3pm ET
14WSB05W • $40 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $35 by April 6
Experiencing the Next World Now: Explorations of the Afterlife

Michael Grosso, PhD

The question makes a difference to how we live—what happens to us after we die? In this webinar we will investigate reports of near-death experiences, reincarnation memories, vertical hauntings and apparitions, encounters with mediumship, and other types of incident that seem to imply an afterlife. We will also look at ecstatic mystical experiences that give us an even more direct sense of the reality of future life, sharing our own experience we may have had, assessing their value, and discussing ways of opening ourselves up to the greater reality here and now.

(1 session) Saturday, May 3, 1–3pm ET
$40 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $35 by April 19
The Art and Craft of the Birth Doula

Laura Saba

A doula, Greek for “woman servant,” is trained in the art and craft of providing physical, emotional, and informational support to women during childbirth. Join us for an exploration of the history, methods, and theory of labor support, and the increasingly popular role of the doula in childbirth today. The second half of the class will be devoted to answering questions about the realities of this important birth work, such as how to train, work prospects, and income potential, as well as the rewards and challenges alike.

(1 session) Saturday, May 10, 1–3pm ET
$40 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $35 by April 26
Ripples of Wisdom: Cultivating Hidden Truths of the Heart with Toltec Wisdom

Don Jose Ruiz

Don Jose Ruiz, New York Times bestselling author of The Fifth Agreement and the new book Ripples of Wisdom, invites us to further open our hearts to the ancient Toltec Wisdom and the teachings of his ancestors. In this webinar, he will inspire you to live life beyond your limits by learning how to: gain awareness of how your agreements have created your reality; create a happier and rewarding story for yourself; and make new agreements that are more in line with your true authentic self. Discover the hidden truths that will bring you closer to yourself and the world around you, to create a life full of wisdom, serenity, and fulfillment.

(1 session) Saturday, June 28, 1–3pm ET
$45 (No Member Discount)
Early Bird rate $39 by June 14


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