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The Inner Meaning of Contemporary Life Lapis is the Open Center’s award-winning magazine now published on-line.
Intended for the reader concerned with the emergence of holistic and ecological values in the world and society, it offers some of the most intellectually penetrating and spiritually grounded articles available today. Its authors include many of the fine writers who teach at the Open Center and other gifted essayists and speakers who represent the most astute and thoughtful dimensions of the emerging paradigm. A magazine of ideas that is both socially engaged and spiritually awake, Lapis explores the world’s great esoteric traditions, and views current affairs from a holistic perspective. Recent articles include Jacob Needleman on Gurdjieff, Ross Gelbspan on the role of the coal and oil lobby in global warming, William McDonough on creating a non-toxic industrial society, and an assessment of Teilhard de Chardin’s legacy by Ptolemy Tompkins. The archives at Lapis online also include outstanding articles by fine writers like Theodore Roszak, Bill McKibben, Christopher Bamford, Kathleen Raine, Neil Postman, Andrew Harvey, Brian Swimme and even one of the last published interviews with Carlos Castaneda.

Lapis is published for a spiritually alive audience like the readers of the Open Center catalogue who want both a sophisticated grasp of world issues and a perspective informed by spiritual wisdom. We select many of the most intriguing lectures given at Open Center events and conferences and turn them into stimulating articles filled with insights yet to appear in book form. Those individuals working to create a society built upon holistic thinking and ecological sanity will find Lapis one of the most original sources for the fresh ideas and practices now so deeply needed to bring renewal to the contemporary world.
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