Urban Tantra®: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

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Urban Tantra®: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

Date & Time
10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Barbara Carrellas, ACS

Urban Tantra® is a radically updated Tantra practice for modern sexual/spiritual explorers that can be used by everyone. Tantra is not only a sexual practice; it is a way of life and a path to spiritual growth. On the Tantric path, pleasure, vision and ecstasy are celebrated and can be found in both everyday life and in peak sexual experiences. We will develop deep, heart-centered connections (with a partner or within ourselves), and explore the bliss that comes when our spiritual and sexual paths are one.

Note: This workshop is for both couples and singles. It does not include nudity or explicit sexual touch. All genders and sexual preferences welcome.

Saturday, February 6, 2016, 10am–5:30pm
Members: $140 / Nonmembers: $155


New York Open Center



  • Barbara Carrellas, ACS
    Barbara Carrellas, ACS, a sex educator and the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century and Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure, founded Urban Tantra® workshops in NYC.
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