The Sound and Music Institute: Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner Training

The Sound and Music Institute: Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner Training

Date & Time
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wendy Young, MMus • Thomas Amelio • Nacho Arimany • John Beaulieu, ND, PhD • Ginger Clarkson, MT-BC • Louise Montello, PhD,  MT-BC • Alan Turry DA, NRMT •  Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD • David Hykes • Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT• Joshua Leeds•

The Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner certificate program is a multicultural, multi-disciplinary and highly experiential approach to the study and practice of sound, music and voice and its powerful effect on the human organism. Our faculty is composed of prominent international sound and music teachers, researchers and practitioners. Our program offers students a skills-based and in-depth study of the therapeutic power of sound and music to transform consciousness and improve well-being. A certificate of completion is given to those who meet the program’s requirements. No previous experience in music or sound work is required.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity and the quality of our teachers and the community that has developed among my fellow students in this truly astonishing course.”
—Thomas W. student
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This program is designed for anyone interested in learning about the transformative and healing power of sound, including healthcare professionals, psychologists, clinicians, educators, musicians, clergy, music therapists, yoga practitioners, body workers, and anyone seeking innovative ways to use intentional sound to engender wellbeing in themselves and others.

• Open doorways into deep states of healing and transformation

• Enhance therapeutic relationships between client & therapist
• Gain insights into physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life
• Receive continuing education credits
• Build networks of practitioners with like-minded interest in the power of intentional sound
• Develop knowledge and skill sets in using sound and music to help reduce stress, depression, anxiety and induce relaxation

• The technical and theoretical dimensions of musical expression including Sound, Voice, Rhythm, and Music
• Therapeutic use of sound and music including psychoacoustic music, auditory stimulation programs, creative arts/music therapies and scientific research applications
• Sacred Sound and Music—including shamanic, mantric, sound ecology and transformational sound techniques

Oct. 24–26—Wendy Young, MMus
Understanding Therapeutic Sound
and Music/Sound Meditation
An introduction to the certification program, and an overview of the fundamental concepts of music vocabulary and styles.

Nov. 7-9—Nacho Arimany and Thomas Amelio
Nov. 8—Nacho Arimany

Elemental Sounds & Rhythms™– Integrating Inner Balance
For thousands of years, patterns and circles in nature have been generating and regenerating life. Discover the rhythmic patterns of nature and entrain with them using your own body and movement.

Nov. 9-Thomas Amelio
Sound Meditation
Sound Meditation for healing and awakening: mantra and energy practices to establish a sound meditation practice for yourself and to offer to others.

Dec. 5-7—John Beaulieu, ND, PhD
Biosonics: The Use of  Tuning Forks in Healing
Practical methods of using tuning forks to tune the nervous system, stimulate trigger points, and align posture to visual harmonics. Learn to develop systematic evaluation methods based on structural analysis and the five elements.

Dec. 8—John Beaulieu, ND, PhD
Certification Student Clinic
Individual sessions to learn how to assess a client’s needs, drawing upon various sound healing systems (tuning forks, toning, five element theory, etc.), grounded in science.

Jan. 16-Jan. 18—Louise Montello, PhD, MT-BC
Discovering Your Essential Musical Intelligence
Develop your own and your clients innate ability to use sound as a self-reflecting tool to facilitate health and well-being on all levels, including transforming stress into dynamic energy for creative change.

Feb. 13-15—Ginger Clarkson, MT-BC
Guided Imagery and Music
A practical and experiential introduction to the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, a music-centered form of psychotherapy used to resolve psychodynamic issues, elicit spiritual insights, and clear blocks to creativity.

March 20-22—Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD
Indigenous Sound Healing
An immersion into the use of sound and music as diagnostic tools, healing agents and connectors to spiritual domains in indigenous and cross-cultural traditions.

March 28—Wendy Young, MMus
Student Practicum
This supervised practicum will provide an opportunity to turn theory into practice by fine-tuning your skills in a structured, individualized setting.

April 17-19- Alan Turry, DA, NRMT
Creative Music Therapy and Clinical Improvisation
A practical approach to the intimate connection that exists in music between composition and improvisation and methods to utilize intuition to determine a sound clinical approach for music and sound in therapy

May 1-3—David Hykes
Harmonic Healing
Through Harmonic Chant, meditative mindfulness training, and guided exploration of the harmonic series, we will transform our listening awareness and ability to harmonize with others and ourselves.

June 5-7—Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT
Free Your Voice: The Enchanting Beauty of Medicine Melodies
Reclaim the healing potential of your voice through guided contemplative practices and ecstatic chanting from many indigenous traditions, including Indian ragas and Peruvian icaros. Learn to cultivate singing as a spiritual practice for yourself and to serve a larger community.

June 8—Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT
Certification Student Clinic: An Integration Laboratory
Individual sessions in methods and strategies to integrate the use of all of the healing systems taught in this training into a healing practice, as well as for personal enrichment.

June 19-21—Wendy Young, MMus
Certification Student Weekend: Applying Sound
and Music to Your Life and Practice
Review of entire course content, applications, and practices. Setting up your business, the ethics of caring, and creative approaches for the integration of student interests.

SOUNDWORKS Webinars—Joshua Leeds
This progressive 2-part series explores the foundational principles of therapeutic music and sound from an intentional musician’s point of view:

(1) Tone, Tempo and Pattern: Includes the physiology of hearing and the psychology of listening. The basic principles and combinations of resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification are explained.

(2) Psycho- and Bioacoustic Music Techniques: How to incorporate leading edge psychoacoustic techniques into music and soundtrack production.

Supervised Practicums—Held throughout the year to develop dedicated skill sets to help you use sound and music in a variety of individual and group settings.

Program Coordinator:
Wendy Young
Wendy, a teacher of music at Princeton University is also the director of the Princeton Sound School, and a sound therapist specializing in Cymatherapy, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Helen Bonny GIM, and sound meditation. She will provide the integrative structure of the program, monitor student insight and understanding of the course work, and help students apply their studies to their personal and professional lives.

Stephanie Rooker, Assistant Coordinator
Stephanie is a vocalist, composer, music educator, ethnomusicologist, and founder of Voice Journey Sound Center in Brooklyn. Her work aims to demonstrate the vast possibilities of broadening cross-cultural awareness and healing through music. Stephanie will support Wendy in program facilitation, manage production, and offer teachings of creative integration and vocal improvisation.

FREE INTRO on  Friday, Sept. 26, 7-9pm, featuring a presentation by faculty member John Beaulieu and Q&A with staff and graduates.

And don’t miss Six Secrets for a Thriving Holistic Practice: Free Career-Building Event
on Monday, September 8th from 6-7:45pm where a representative for the Sound & Music Training will be part of a panel discussion and be available to answer your questions. 


Fridays, 7-9pm*
*(Friday sessions for certificate program registrants only)
Saturdays, 9:30am–12:30pm, 1:30–5:30pm
Sundays, 9:30am–12:30pm, 1:30–5:45 pm

Sundays, 4:30-5:45 (for certificate program registrants only)
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Full Payment: 14SHH55SA $3,575
Early Bird Registration by August 14: $3,295

Payment Plan: 14SHH55SB $3,950
A non-refundable deposit of $970 is due upon registration. Four further payments of $745 are due Nov. 28, 2014, Jan. 23, 2015, March 22, 2015, May 1, 2015 (automatic credit card payments only)

CEUs: Some of the classes can be used to fulfill the CEU needs of MFTs, RNs, LCSWs and others. For more info, e-mail

Individual Weekends only: $385
Certain weekend programs are open to the public and non-certificate students. (Does not include Fridays, final weekend or extracurricular offerings, which are for certificate program registrants only.)

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