Meditation and the Alexander Technique

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Meditation and the Alexander Technique

Date & Time
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Hope Martin

The Alexander Technique and meditation practice are both about bringing awareness to habitual patterns and relaxing our goal-oriented approach to life. Applied to meditation, the Alexander Technique is a simple yet powerful tool for cultivating mindfulness of our bodies during our practice. This class will offer practical guidance on how to apply the Alexander Technique to both sitting and walking meditation (meditation instruction will be provided). We will also apply the principles to everyday actions, such as lying down, bending, and sitting at our computers. By understanding and experiencing our basic body mechanics, anatomy and alignment, we can release unnecessary tension in our meditation sessions and our lives.

Click HERE to read The Shape of Awake which appeared in The Shambhala Times.

(3 sessions) Thursdays, June 11– June 25, 8–10pm
Members: $100/ Nonmembers: $110

New York Open Center