EMDR Comprehensive Training: For Licensed Mental Health Professionals

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January 16, 2014
7:00 PMto9:00 PM
January 17, 2014
9:00 AMto5:30 PM
January 18, 2014
9:00 AMto5:30 PM
January 19, 2014
9:00 AMto1:00 PM
January 24, 2014
9:00 AMto5:30 PM
January 25, 2014
9:00 AMto5:30 PM
January 26, 2014
9:00 AMto4:00 PM

To register call 212-219-2527 x 2
Laurel Parnell, PhD

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapy for treating trauma-based problems.  This revolutionary therapy has helped thousands of clients recover from such traumas as war, accidents, assaults, disasters and childhood abuse. In addition to the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, EMDR is also used to treat the psychological effects of smaller traumas that manifest as symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, creativity blocks and relationship difficulties. Not only does healing occur much more rapidly than in traditional therapy, but as a result of EMDR’s clearing of emotional and physical blockages, many people undergo spiritual transformation and have “beyond the ego” experiences using the technique.

Parts 1 & 2: Beginning Through Advanced Level EMDR

In this training, which covers both EMDR Parts 1 and 2, we will learn the history and development of EMDR; the EMDR model and components of treatment; its eight phases of treatment;how to evaluate clients to gauge the appropriateness of EMDR treatment; how to prepare clients for EMDR trauma processing; protocols and procedures for using EMDR for a range of problems; and how to use EMDR as a form of transpersonal psychotherapy.

Using lecture, small group practice and demonstrations in a supportive environment, we will learn beginning through advanced level EMDR. Because this course provides extensive time for practice, we will learn EMDR from the inside out, experiencing firsthand the power of this transformative therapy.

• To meet the requirements for basic EMDR training, participants must complete Parts 1 and 2, receive 10 hours of consultation from EMDRIA-approved consultants and then complete Part 3 at a later date (3 or more months after Parts 1 & 2).
• Required reading: Laurel Parnell’s A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR: Tools and Techniques for Successful Treatment and Francine Shapiro’s EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
• Recommended reading: Laurel Parnell’s Transforming Trauma:EMDR and EMDR in the Treatment of Adults Abused as Children.
• Prior to registration, participants must submit a copy of their license in order to gain admittance to the program. Tuition includes a manual.

Thursday-Sunday, Jan. 16-19, 2014
Friday-Sunday, Jan. 24-26, 2014
For CEUs click here
$1,075 (no member discount)

Hours, 1st weekend:
Thursday, 7–9pm
Friday, 9am–12:30pm, 2–5:30pm
Saturday, 9am–12:30pm; 2–5:30pm
Sunday, 9am–1pm

Hours, 2nd Weekend:
Friday & Saturday, 9am-12:30pm, 2-5:30pm
Sunday, 9am-12:30pm, 2-4pm

To register call 212-219-2527 x 2

Part 3: Transforming Trauma with EMDR: Advanced Clinical Workshop and Refresher Course

In this intensive workshop (for those who have completed EMDR Parts 1 & 2 trainings or an equivalent EMDRIA approved course), we will refresh our technique, review EMDR protocols and procedures, consult on our difficult cases, watch demonstrations and practice EMDR in small supervised groups. Instruction will focus on using EMDR in complex cases, resource development and installation, target development and cognitive interweaves. Special topics will include: working with adults abused as children; medical procedure trauma; grief and loss; recent traumas; and EMDR as a transpersonal psychotherapy.

The full course will involve reviewing standard EMDR protocol and procedures, and learning a modified protocol (and when to use it); a technique for target development; techniques for resource development and installation; and the advanced use of interweaves. We will also learn how to work with complex cases; use EMDR with critical incidents, grief and loss, medical procedures, traumas and somatic disorders; understand EMDR’s capacity to act as a transpersonal psychotherapy; and successfully integrate EMDR into a clinical practice.

A Five-Day Training
Wednesday–Sunday, January 29-February 2, 2014
For CEUs click here
$715 (no member discount)

Hours: Wednesday, 9am–12:30pm; 2–5:30pm
Thursday, 9am–12:30pm; 2–5:30pm
Friday, 2–5:30pm
Saturday, 9am–12:30pm; 2–5:30pm
Sunday, 9am–12:30pm

Note: This training may be attended 3 or more months after completion of EMDR Parts 1 & 2 or an equivalent EMDRIA approved training.

For more information, or to register by phone, call 212-219-2527 ext. 2.

Parnell,-Laura-W08Laurel Parnell, PhD, is an internationally recognized clinician, consultant, EMDR trainer and author of three books, including A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR, which this training is based on. A meditation practitioner for over 30 years, she teaches EMDR from a transpersonal perspective and maintains a private practice in San Rafael, California.

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