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A Members’ Veggie Party: A Night of Ayurvedic Delights with Divya Alter

A Recipe! And The Power of Making Your Own Medicine

A Workshop for Aspiring Writers

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Self-Massage: A Daily Self-healing Practice

About Certifications

Active Hope: Discerning Your Role in the Transition to a Life-Sustaining Society

Advice for Parents of Children Who Report Memories of Past Lives

An African Healer’s Medicine Kit: Healing Blends, Balms, Potions and Butters

An Interview with Ralph White on Rudolf Steiner

An Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine: Tapping into Your Body’s Inherent Healing Power

An Introduction to Reconnective Healing

An Introduction to the Tarot: Guidance and Wisdom for Our Spiritual Journey

An Introduction to the Tarot: Guidance and Wisdom for Our Spiritual Journey

Annual Dinner

Are you Tired or Exhausted?

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Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation: Cultivating Ageless Beauty and Vitality

Ayurvedic Uses of Oils and Ghee for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Best-Selling Author Deborah King’s Three Steps for “Knowing Yourself”

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Body Care: Herbal Facial Care & Aromatic Baths: Creating Your Own Skin Care Products and Treatments

Bookstore-Café Meet Up The Shaman’s Healing Drum with Olivia Olkowski

Bookstore-Cafe Meetup: Spring Tune-up with Superfoods and Tonics

Bookstore/Café Meetup: Death Café

Breath: Your Most Powerful Tool

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BTB Feng Shui Masters Program

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Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

Certificate in Holistic Psychology

Chair Yoga Teacher Certification

Chakras, Samskaras and Addiction: A Psychospiritual Approach to Healing Addictive Behavior

Change Your Bad Habits & Optimize Your Brain Health

Coaching for Transformation: A 9-Month Coaching Certification Program

Coaching Skills for Transformation

Coaching the Whole Person: From Spiritual Roots to Medical Bills

Color Therapy Practitioner Training: A Level 1 Certificate Course

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Cooking Intuitively

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