BTB Feng Shui Masters Program

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May 16, 2014
10:00 AMto5:30 PM
May 17, 2014
10:00 AMto5:30 PM
May 18, 2014
10:00 AMto5:30 PM
May 19, 2014
10:00 AMto5:30 PM

Transform Your Life, Enhance Your Career
Yearly Certificates for Levels I, II & III

BTB Feng Shui™ Organization: Barry Gordon, Steven Post, Rosalie Prinzivalli, & Danita Otruba

Our Feng Shui Masters program is based on Chinese and Tibetan wisdom teachings, Taoist and Buddhist traditions, spirituality, transformational psychology and the teachings of H.H. Professor Lin Yun. Initiated at his request by senior teachers Steven Post, Barry Gordon and Dr. Edgar Sung, ours is the longest-running, most advanced, official US training program. Beyond book learning, we help students develop their intuition and inner strength and manifest their intentions. We mentor students through their individual transformational processes while teaching traditional theories with a modern approach. Our graduates value the process, the results and the powerful techniques they develop to help themselves and others.  This training accommodates international students.

On-site Consultations:
Gain practical experience attending up to 60 on-site mentor-led client consultations as part of your tuition.

Personal mentoring: Assistance with personal, professional and Feng Shui issues; learn by doing.

A Home Consultation by Your Mentor: In Year 1 (valued at up to $2000); national/international availability.

Ongoing mentoring: Graduates access mentors and revisit classes free.


*Clear obstacles and heal body/mind imbalances
*Strong support from teachers and peers support during and after training
*Build and deepen your personal spiritual practice (in any tradition)
*Create career opportunities and business success with proven techniques
*Become a fully proficient Feng Shui practitioner with skills to assess a variety of environments and assist clients in overcoming life challenges

Note: This training is being reviewed for becoming part of our new state-licensed private career school for which we have candidacy status.  Click HERE for more details

Certification, the Best Credentials!
BTB  3-year certification reassures your client that you have the training and skills to support them at a deep level. Annual certificated and a BTB Feng Shui Masters website listing are awarded after meeting all requirements.

Core Topics include: Business and Residential Feng Shui; Dowsing; Energy Psychology; Feng Shui for Children, Color, Nature and Landscapes; Psychology and Science Behind Feng Shui; Secret Health & Wealth Methods; Space Clearing & Blessing Methods; Electromagnectic Field Stress Resolution for Living Spaces; Eco-living & Environmental Enhancement; Shamanism; and Divination Methods (Chinese Astrology, Palmistry, Face Reading, I Ching, etc.).

Enhance Your Career
BTB training is an excellent choice if you are a Designer, Architect, Coach, Consultant, Professional Organizer, Healer, Therapist, Real Estate Agent, Landscape Designer, Astrologer, Builder, Psychotherapist,Decorator, Health Practitioner, Artist,Teacher, Nurse, Chiropractor or Acupuncturist,interested in personal growth, environmental and/or green design.

2014 Masters Program Dates
All levels begin in May, include three four-day weekends, a five-day summer residential retreat, ongoing independent directed study and mentoring. Certificates upon completion of each level.

May 16-19, 2014                       Friday-Monday
Aug. 15-19, 2014                      Residential retreat (Fri.-Tues.)
Nov. 14-17,  2014                      Friday-Monday, 10am–5:30pm
Feb. 20-23, 2015                      Friday-Monday, 10am–5:30pm

By application only; limited to 30 students per year. Qualified applicants considered for levels II & III. For program information or to register for a One-Day Intensive, call 212-219-2527 Ext 2.

The next sessions of Create the Life You Want: Feng Shui Tools for Abundant Living will taking place on Sunday, February 23rd & Saturday, May 3rd, 10am-6pm.

For eligibility, prerequisites, application and fee schedule of the Feng Shui Masters Training, please email or call 212-472-1247.


Annual Payment:   $4005 per year                  
Payment Plan:          $1,080 per quarter   
(Non-refundable $300 deposit due on application acceptance.) Monthly payment plan available with automatic credit card payments. Partial scholarships by application.

-NCCAOM PDA approved provider (The only OC program approved for NCCAOM).
-Free Open Center membership for enrolled students, per year.


"We were extremely impressed with Barry and Rosalie when we met them in Curacao in 2008 at an International Feng Shui Conference where HH GM Professor Thomas Lin Yun commented on the quality of this program. We were even more impressed with their students and the quality and depth of their mastery of BTB Feng Shui.

From what we’ve seen, if you feel a real calling to become a Feng Shui Practitioner, this program will make you a true professional in the art.”
Anezka Drazil and Jim Reyes


"The BTB Masters Training Program deepened my understanding of Chinese medicine. Classic pieces of Chinese philosophy and principles have been cleared out of the TCM that has made it into the texts used in acupuncture schools. I found the BTB program a valuable and rich source of information for my acupuncture practice. It also furthered my knowledge and use of the most basic and profound principles of qi flow. I use the same skills to work with needles as I do with homes and offices. I highly recommend this program as a way to enrich your love of service, compassion, self growth, and the beauty of nature (Tao)." - Deborah Turek,


The BTB Feng Shui program will make you a better acupuncturist. One that is attuned to the totality of your patient's life. Able to recognize patterns in both their interior manifestations, as we have been trained, as well as in the exterior environment of the patient's home, work place, and relationships. -Michael Waterman,-


"Knowledge of Feng Shui helps me to determine and transform visible and invisible obstructions in the environment and human body and produce instant changes in people's health and life.  Understanding human energy as an energy system created by interaction of divine and earthly forces turns my treatments into "house therapy" where transformation is happening on a very deep level. The role of a Feng Shui consultant is the same as a good doctor - to detect the problem, prescribe right cure and encourage the patient to stay healthy. Creating positive flow of energy by choosing right time, place and people with the help of Feng Shui tools will maximize beneficial influences and give chance to make effective decisions." -MARIA GORENS, New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Feng Shui consultant with 15 years practical experience.  Graduate of BTB Professional School of Feng Shui and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.


Barry Gordon Feng Shui practitioner for over 22 years • Degree in physics • Extensive business experience • Combines metaphysical methods of many cultures • Makes Feng Shui user-friendly for the Western mind.

Steven Post First Feng Shui teacher in the U.S. • Practicing over 35 years • Founder of GEO, Geomancy Feng Shui Education Organization • Corporate, strategic and residential consultant • Personal advisor • Multicultural Feng Shui Expert • Author of Modern Book of Feng Shui.

Rosalie Prinzivalli Named to succeed Dr. Edgar Sung • First graduate to join faculty • Studied Feng Shui for 12 years • MBA • Extensive business experience • 30+ years of studies in Taoism, energy healing, meditation, astrology • Board Chair of International Feng Shui Guild.

Danita Otruba, RA, AIA, Graduate, teaching assitant, adjunct faculty.  Licensed Architect, incorporating Feng Shui and holistic green principles, US Green Building counsel member, first female President, American Institute of Architects LI Chapter.

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