Volunteers: We Need Your Gift of Time!
As a not-for profit institution, the Open Center relies heavily upon its volunteers and interns. These volunteers, who are artists, professionals, students and retirees, assist in virtually every area of the Center, including class registration, event coordination, reception, marketing, wellness services and preparation of the Open Center catalog. Do you have any skills or interests you would like to share with us? If so, you can contribute to our community in one of two ways:Enroll in our popular volunteer program! A consistent four hours of your time each week for a minimum of 4-6 months entitles you to serve as a classroom assistant, with tuition waived, in classes, workshops and lectures (subject to availability, after your first 20 hours). You will also be invited to attend special events and community mixers with members and staff.Or if your college or university has an internship-for-academic-credit program, you may qualify for one of our intern positions. Internships require a higher level of involvement and responsibility, usually 8 to 20 hours a week for a minimum of three months. Interns receive sizeable discounts in our bookstore and on bodywork sessions, and are also entitled to enroll in classes without charge.

Join our ever-growing community!
To learn more about the volunteer program, download our volunteer manual (pdf) and read our Volunteer Application Process so you know what we expect from volunteers. PLEASE review these documents before applying, as they answer many questions you may have! Click here to download the volunteer application form, and follow the application process to submit your materials to us. For additional information or questions, please complete this contact form and the Volunteer Department will be in touch with you soon. Thank you!


Volunteer Testimonials
Read about the experiences other volunteers have had giving their time at the Open Center…“Volunteering at the Open Center has been beyond rewarding. It is an organization that really changes people’s lives and it has changed my life. I love everything the Open Center stands for and I love volunteering here.” —Sarah M.“When I arrived in New York, I didn’t know anyone. Luckily, I found the Open Center and became a volunteer. The community couldn’t have been more welcoming and I have made some great new friends.” —Jeff B.“Volunteering at the OC has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I feel truly, truly happy and fulfilled to be part of this organization. The services provided by volunteers are always warmly appreciated and greatly rewarded.” —Kay C.

“I’ve found in the Open Center a community of people who promote awareness of other cultures and traditions as well as the chance to take many interesting classes for FREE! Working with the OC crew is a lot of fun and makes a nice break in my week.” —Margaret F.

“Working at the Open Center as a volunteer is brilliant! I get to be a part of the best holistic teaching center in Manhattan, meet all sorts of fabulous people, AND participate in all sorts of fun, interesting, and inspiring classes!” —Terri G.

“Since the day I set foot in the center I instantly felt at home with the wonderful people here, all of whom have something different to bring to the table. The opportunity to stretch my horizons by interacting with such a great group of people and by taking a wide breadth of classes has been amazing.” —Lesley B.

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